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Polaroids are definitely an aesthetically pleasing thing, and it started to catch on trend ever since whenever. I love the little films, as they can come with so many different kinds. It can be plain white or with different colors in packs. All the more reason to try out and take a look at these polaroid bujo spreads!

These polaroid spreads range from mood trackers, habit trackers, cover spreads, and weekly spreads as well. I’ve also been thinking about setting up a Polaroid wall in my room as it’s quite estheically pleasing and an nice touch to a blank wall.

If you’re planning to start a bullet journal, things such as this cheap bullet journal, this Micron Pen Set, and some highlighters to give an extra pop of color! Bullet journaling doesn’t require an expensive notebook with a bunch of colorful pens, you really only need the journal and pens. Though the highlighters will definitely help with the colors XD

Let’s get started on these 20 polaroid bujo spreads :

polaroid, mood trackers, inspired

Source : @littleolivebujo

An adorable mood tracker with a Polaroid camera as a decoration to the spread! The photos are hung up in strings waiting to be colored as each day’s mood. I love the colorful key as well <3

bujo spread, habit tracker, pink camera

Source : @seed_successful_you

A habit tracker also with a pink Polaroid camera and pink boxes to match with it! The pink flowers next to the title and camera is such a cute touch to it as well.

goal travel, polaroid film, bujo

Source : @studyquill

Places to visit drawn out on Polaroids and on a bullet journal spread! This is a great way to display your dream traveling places and list as goals in your Bujo. This could be cute even on a cork board as well XD

yellow camera, cover bujo, flowers

source : @littleolivebujo

This might be one of my favorite spreads, as it’s so creative and absolutely adorable <3 the calendar is written out on a Polaroid film as a cover spread for March! I like the choice of yellow and the daisies next to the camera as well.

photos, bullet journal, spreads

Source : @myartsyplans

If you accidentally skipped a page in your Bujo, this could be a good way to just decorate your Bujo and fill it up with color! Like these 100 days of Polaroids drawn out, though this is only 51-100 of them.

mood trackers, clip photo, mood

Source : @seed_successful_you

A Polaroid film mood tracker with it all clipped up on a string and each filled with the keyed in colors resulting in a beautiful spread!

mood, polaroid, pastel colors

source : @Pinterest

I love the pastel color way in this spread, the small Polaroid next to the title is also a good way to fill out the white space.

old polaroid, camera, simplistic

Source : @journalingbysarah

The older version of the Polaroid with a color stripe down the middle, it included all the details and it’s so cute! Do you like the older Polaroid or the newer one?

camera, polaroid, weekly spread

Source : @annajournals_

Another older version of a Polaroid as an accent to a yellow weekly spread! With daisies surrounding it and around the weekly spreads as well.

camera, mood, tracker

source : @Pinterest

Another mood tracker with the clip up style and color blocks to color in into each Polaroid film! Though the key colors are much more playful in the colors ranging from green to blue.

weekly, spread, pink polaroid, flower

Source : @seed_successful_you

A pink weekly spread with a Polaroid camera to fill up the space next to Monday. The flowers next to each day and the camera itself is such a nice accent to the pink theme.

habit tracker, orange, polaroid films

Source : @study.susan

Hands down definitely one of the prettiest habit trackers I’ve ever seen, the choice of orange is oddly fitting. With multiple films for each habit and the calendar on the inside.

blue camera, polaroid film, weekly spread

source : @littleolivebujo

The polaroid films are drawn as the boxes for each day in the week, and the daily tasks are in photo with the date on the border. This is definitely the most fitting spread to the theme of polaroid <3

week, photo, camera

Source : @Pinterest

Another spread similar to the last one with the films as the weekly bubbles and a blue polaroid drawn on the side as an accent. Each film was drawn different besides it being completely white like the usual one.

how to, step by step, doodle camera

Source : @splendidscribbles

A step by step how to doodle for a polaroid camera, I had to put it in here just because! The mint color is so cute, and now you could easily add it to any of your spreads inspired by polaroids XD

monthly fav, polaroid camera, vintage

Source : @Pinterest

A monthly favorite spread consisting for songs, books, movies, app, etc, but all in polaroid films! This is giving me a soft vintage vibe with the color and the faintly colored leaves at the background.

yellow camera, weekly spread, cute

Source : @littleolivebujo

The yellow polaroid camera with a nice message written on a film coming out from the camera. I also love the layout of the weekly spread with the font, daisies and style, it just matches together incredibly well.

month, calendar, polaroid

Source : @fantasizethestars

A monthly calendar but with elements of polaroid everywhere! A mini camera at the bottom with the colorful stripes and strings of polaroid films hanging on the left.

instagram tracker, goals, color polaroid

Source : @mashaplans

An instagram tracker to track the growth of your followers is a really cute way to track your goals. It can help with the feeling of achievement when you color the polaroid camera along with writing down the date!

hedgehog, polaroid, mood tracker

Source : @littleolivebujo

I absolutely ADORE that cute hedgehog in the middle of all the polaroid films in the mood tracker. The message on the top of surround yourself with positivity is also really nice. The flowers with that hedgehog in this mood tracker is literally A++++!!!!!

Conclusion :

And that’s all I got for the 20 polaroid inspired bujo spreads! Comment below your favorite one, share this post if you liked it, and pin some of the pictures!